Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Crime and Punishment

Crime and Punishment, as fascinating as the book was, is difficult to apply to my question. On the surface it looks like no one overcame adversity. Svidrigailov commits suicide, Raskolinkov is sent to jail in Siberia, Sonia became a prostitute to save her family. Svidrigailov was unable to overcome adversity because of his wealth. His riches had turned him cold and greedy. He was a lecherous man, who thought that money and manipulation would allow him any pleasure that he wanted. But when he came up against Dounia who was a truly good character, she would not give in to him. Faced with this unbearable reality, he was not able to live on and he failed. Wealth does not always guarantee a person success and in the end it was his riches and his greed that kept him from overcoming adversity. In all literature, characters that manipulate, have greed, are selfish, basically poor characteristics are always unable to overcome adversity.

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  1. Couldn't one claim, for example, that Sonia overcame adversity since although her poverty forced her into prostitution her "treasure", her faith, was not impinged upon but rather, strengthened?